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  Company Partnership Both
All Prevailing Law
Registration Creation
Distinct entity Name of Entity
Cost of Formation Perpetual Succession
Charter Document Common Seal
Formalities of Incorporation Time line
Legal Proceedings Foreign Participation
Number of Members Ownership of Assets
Rights / Duties / obligation of the Partners / Managing Partners / Directors Liability of Partners/Members
Tax Liability Principal/Agent Relationship
Transfer / Inheritance of Rights Transfer of Share / Partnership rights in case of death
Director Identification Number (DIN) Digital Signature
Dissolution Transferability of Interest
Admission as partner / member Cessation as partner / member
Requirement of Managerial Personnel for day to day administration Statutory Meetings
Maintenance of Minutes Voting Rights
Remuneration of Managerial Personnel for day to day administration Contracts with Partners/Director
Maintenance of Statutory Records Annual Filing
Share Certificate Audit of accounts
Applicability of Accounting Standards. Compromise / arrangements / merger / amalgamation
Oppression and mismanagement Credit Worthiness of organization
Whistle Blowing    

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