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S. No. Form Purpose Section & Rules Status
1. Form 1 Application for reservation & Change of Name  Section 16(1), Rule 18(5) Download Now
2. Form 2 Incorporation Document & Statement Section 11(2), Rule 11 Download Now
3. Form 3 Information with regard to Limited Liability Partnership Agreement and changes, if any, made therein Section 23(2) & Rule 22 Download Now
4. Form 4 Notice of appointment of partners/ designated partner and changes among them, intimation of DPIN by the LLP to Registrar and consent of partner to become a partner /designated partner Section 25(2) & (3), Rule 8, 10(8), 22(2) and 22(3) Download Now
5. Form 5 Notice of change of name Section 19, Rule 20(2) Download Now
6. Form 6 Intimation of Particulars/Change in Particulars of Partners to LLP by partners Section 25(1), Rule 22(1) Download Now
7. Form 8 Statement of Account & Solvency Section 34(2), Rule 24 Download Now
8. Form 9 Consent  to Act as Designated Partner Section 7(3), Rule 7 & 10 (8) Download Now
9. Form 11 Annual return of LLP Section 35(1), Rule 25(1) Download Now
10. Form 12 Intimation of other address (Other than registered office for serving of Documents) Section 13(2), Rule 16(3) Download Now
11. Form 13 Notice of Resignation of Partner to all other Partners Section 24(1) Download Now
12. Form 14 Intimation to Registrar of Firms/Companies for conversion of Firm/Company to LLP Section 58(1), Rule 33 Download Now
13. Form 15 Notice of change of Place of Registered Office Section 13(3), Rule 17 Download Now
14. Form 16 Format of Certificate of Incorporation Section 12(1)(b) Download Now
15. Form 17 Application for conversion of Firm into LLP Para 2, 3, 4 & 16 of second schedule Rule 38(1) read with section 55 and 58(1) thereof. Download Now
16 Form 18 Application for conversion of Private Company/Unlisted Company into LLP Para 2 & 3 of third Schedule and 2, 3, 4 of Fourth Schedule, Rule 39(1) & 40(1) read with Section 56, 57 & 58(1) Download Now
17. Form 19 Format of Certificate of Registration on conversion of Firm/Company into LLP Section 55, 56, 57 & 58(1), Rule 32(1) Download Now
18. Form 20 Affidavit in support of Summons Rule 35(1) Download Now
19 Form 21 Summons for directions to convene a meeting under section 60(1) Rule 35(2) Download Now
20. Form 22 Notice of Intimation of court order/Tribunal/ CLB/ CG to Registrar Rule 35(11) & 17 and 41(4) Download Now
21. Form 23 Application for Direction to change the Name Section 18, Rule 19(1) Download Now
22. Form 24 Application to the Registrar or Central Government for striking off name Rule 37(1) (b) Download Now
23. Form 25 Application for reservation/renewal of name by a foreign LLP/foreign company Rule 18(3) Download Now
24. Form 26 Form of Proxy Rule 35 (4) Download Now
25. Form 27 Form for registration of particulars by foreign limited liability partnership Rule 34(1) Download Now
26. Form 28 Alteration in the -
(A) the incorporation document, or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of a limited liability partnership incorporated or registered outside India; or (B) the registered or principal office of a limited liability partnership incorporated or registered outside India; or
(C) the partner or designated partner if any of a limited liability partnership incorporated or registered outside India
Section 19(1) & Rule 34(3) Download Now
27. Form 29 (A) Alteration in the certificate of incorporation or registration of limited liability partnership incorporated or registered outside India
(B) Alteration in the name or address of any of the persons authorized to accept service on behalf of a foreign limited liability partnership in India;
(C) Alteration in the principal place of business of foreign limited liability partnership in India;
(D) Cessation to have place of business in India
Rule 34 (3) & (8) Download Now
28. Form 30 Certificate for Establishment of Place of Business in India Rule 34(10) Download Now
29. Form 31 Application for compounding of an offence under the Act Section 39, Rule 41(1) Download Now
30. Form 32 Filing addendum for rectification of defects or incompleteness Download Now
31. DIN 1 For applying Designated Partners Identification Number Download Now
32. DIN 4 For modifying details in Designated Partners Identification Number Download Now

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