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Conversion of Private/Unlisted Public Company to LLP Form.

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Topics Reply Author Views Last Post
Treatment of Share Premium of Private Company 1 Student CA CS 35 29 Mar 2015
k m
Conversion of Pvt Ltd Company into LLP 0 sandeep 82 06 Dec 2013
Guarantee by a LLP 0 Sneha; 11 05 Dec 2013
Annual Accounts of Private Limited Company on conversion 0 sandeep 22 01 Jun 2013
member to become partner 1 gaurav dhanawat 31 12 Mar 2013
Chetan Patankar
Name on conversion of private limited company to LLP 1 Pramod Sethia 64 09 Apr 2011
Draft Agreement for convertion of Private limited company to LLP 9 Pramod Sethia 281 25 Nov 2016
karishma shaikh
format of statement of assets & liabilities 1 Arpita 134 22 Nov 2011
Limit of turnover 3 Nitesh 46 08 May 2016
Resolution for conversion of Pvt Ltd Co to LLP 5 Arpita 203 01 Feb 2011
LLPIN 0 Bishal agarwal 20 27 Sep 2010
Bishal agarwal
Conversion of Investment co(pvt ltd) into LLP 0 Madhwi Mundra 47 23 Jul 2010
Madhwi Mundra
Registered office of LLP 2 Yogina 43 22 Apr 2010
Encumbered Asset of company 2 Niki 43 26 Dec 2011
gaurav dhanawat
Procedure 1 Bhavika 82 05 Feb 2010
What to do with the profits in the companies in 2009-10 – whether to carry forward in LLP and then use to minimise DDT? 1 Ankit 76 22 Jul 2009
What should be the cut-off date for conversion? 1 User Query 77 28 Nov 2009
How long does conversion take? 1 User Query 72 22 Jul 2009
How long does conversion take? 1 User Query 30 22 Jun 2010
On conversion of Pvt Ltd company into LLP what would be the status of the reserves lying in the Company in shape of the profits which have not been distributed over the years. 2 User Query 111 28 Nov 2009
On conversion of Private Limited company into L.L.P, I would like to know as to whether any Capital Gains Tax is applicable on the conversion of Paid-up Capital and Reserves & Surplus to the partners accounts. How these amounts will be reflected in the LLP account? 1 User Query 73 28 Nov 2009
On conversion of Private Company into LLP whether such conversion will suffer capital gain tax 1 User Query 56 28 Nov 2009
Loan 2 Ramprasad 51 22 Jul 2009
Conversion of Company or anything into LLP is not yet notified in the LLP Act 0 Vijay 30 23 May 2009
re-conversion of LLP into private / public company 3 VIDESHWAR 67 04 May 2009
LLP E-Forms 3 Nisha 64 27 Apr 2009
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