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LLP Act 2008 has just been notified and it is just like an infant , which would gradually develop into full fledged complete law. It in the initial period of its enforcement, there might be problems relating to interpretation, contradiction. Through we have endeavored to develop a platform that provides you an opportunity to drive law-makers, in developing the law as per the requirements of those who have to comply with it. With this spirit, Share Your Views section aims at affording a facility to our users to share their issues and suggestions regarding LLP Act 2008 so that the collective suggestions and proposals could be represented before the regulatory authorities and the law is amended according to the needs of the hour. Therefore, with this platform, we have undertaken the responsibility to make LLP Act 2008 as the Best LLP Law of the World, with the help of our users

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Issues in LLP Act 2008 Fri Aug 21 2009 The document howtoregisterllp.doc available at states that Form 4 needs to be filed w  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Fri Aug 21 2009 LLP Act states that in absence of any agreement, applicable schedule will come into force. Therefore  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Mon Aug 10 2009 As LLP Act says that the convesion to LLP would be treated as transfer of assets which can attract s  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Tue Aug 4 2009 What will be the stamp duty payable on filling of LLP agreement?
Interpretative confusions Mon May 4 2009 What is difference between Transfer & Assignment? Section 42 of the LLP Act comes under heading Ass  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Mon May 4 2009 Name shall not be granted to LLP if it resembles to that of any partnership firm. There is no data o  more...
Contradictions with LLP Rules 2009 Mon May 4 2009 In chapter VI, the terms used are ‘contribution by partner’, not referred as capital contributio  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Mon May 4 2009 As per Section 8(b) of the LLP Act 2008 , Designated Partner is liable to all penalties imposed on t  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Thu Apr 23 2009 As Companies Act provides provisions for transfer of ownership. So, in case of LLP,how the contribut  more...
Issues in LLP Act 2008 Thu Apr 23 2009 Companies Act provides for reduction of capital. How the contribution will be reduced in case of LLP  more...


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